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Q... How much does it cost to maintain the Lakota System?

A...Figure on about $50 to $70 per year for filter replacements. About the same as one coffee from a gourmet coffee shop every three weeks (which is probably made with tap water by the way).

Q...How difficult is it to install the UC, do I need to call a plumber?

A...No need for a plumber, the installation is very easy and should not take more than 30 minutes. Call Lakota Scientific if you have questions or problems. We can most likely talk you through the installation procedure. In fact, call us any time you have a question or problem with yoiur Lakota System. 800-945-5782.

Q...How will I know when to replace filters?

A...Once a year we send you a reminder card letting you know which filter(s) to replace.

Q...When will the unit wear out? Will I ever have to buy a new one?

A...You might. We have numerous long time and loyal customers in the 25+ years that we have been in business. If you've been with us for ten years or so, and as a way for us to "thank you," you are eligible to purchase any new system for half price.

Q...But don't you lose money selling the systems at half price?

A...Yes we do, but quite a few of our long term customers have taken advantage of this offer and almost without fail, it results in referrals for new customers. In the long run, it is good for business because we do not advertise (except in the Green Pages catalog) which keeps costs low. People also seem to like the idea that we answer the phone., If we are not able to answer in person, we get back promptly.

Q...What if we are struck with a calamity such as a hurricane, or an earthquake?

A...Lakota Scientific has an emergency kit available for less than $100. This includes a hand pump and all the fittings, special filters and tubing you need to convert your UC for use in such an emergency. Use your rain barrel, swimming pool, toilet tank, bathtub, laundry tub, etc. to store contaminated water before pumping it through the Lakota filter. Your drinking water will be of better quality and a whole lot less expensive than bottled water (if you can even get bottled water). 

Q...Does the Lakota unit (UC) remove microplastics, which have been in the news a lot lately?

A...Yes, Microscopic plastic "dust" has been found in 94% of all water utilities in the U.S. as well as all 259 commercial bottled water samples from 9 countries including the U.S. The danger is that anything less than 20 microns (your unit removes down to one micron with two filters in series) can enter the bloodstream and get to the liver and kidneys where they do serious mischief. The average load was 324 particles per liter. If you drink a liter per day, that is 118,000 per year. The U.S. has no rules to govern microplastics in water. See 2018.

Q...We live in a city with some especially severe contamination in the water supply, for example, we know of high lead and arsenic levels. Can the Lakota System help in this situation? How can we be sure?

A...Absolutely. We have the capability to customize filtration systems to address severe or unusual problems. Very high levels of these two dangerous contaminants can be removed by using an add on option (OP) to the standard UC unit. In this case, we would recommend that the OP be configured with two filters containing 100% Metsorb or Brimac, specialty media designed to remove both arsenic and lead. While the standard UC uses the LCB filter containing 15% Metsorb, it may not be enough to do the job in unusual conditions such as yours. You would then have independent  testing done to be sure the contaminants are being removed. If they are not, we would immediately refund all of your money and you would return the unit. We have no intention of selling you a unit that does not perform as we expect. Both lead and arsenic have serious implications for the health of children as well as adults as you may know.


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